National Platform is the statutory event of ESN Estonia for making decisions about the future of our organisation. During National Platforms representatives from all Sections gather together. National Platform is the highest desicive body in ESN Estonia.

National Platform also holds an opportunity for individual ESN members to meet and network. Local Sections share their best practices, discuss about co-operation and improving their events/services towards students. National Board and National Coordinators present their updates and reports during National Platforms. National Platform serves as a consultation tool for National Board. Decisions that influence ESN Estonia as a network are taking during National Platforms. 

National Platform makes decisions on following matters:

  • Changing Statutes and Standing Orders of ESN Estonia
  • Accepting new members (Sections) to ESN Estonia's network
  • Elections of National Board members
  • Confirming budget and Financial report of ESN Estonia

ESN Estonia organises workshops during National Platforms called "Skillbox Mini". It's a way to empower ESN members in Estonia and focus on important topics. Workshops held during National Platforms can be about Parnterships, Communication, Education, Advocacy, Teamwork, Time managment, Human resources etc. They are carried out by experienced ESN members in the field or by ESN trainers.

ESN Estonia also invites National Partners to National Platforms so they can present themselves to the sections and share updates.

In Estonia we have National Platforms 3 times a year:

-Winter National Platform (January-February)
-Spring National Platform (April)
-Summer National Platfrom (August)

Sections take turns organising National Platforms throughout the year.