ESN is operating on three levels: International, National and Local Level. ESN Estonia National Level consists of National Board, National Coordinators and National Council. 

ESN Estonia is link between Local level and International level. In ESN Estonia there are 5 sections all together (ESN Tartu, ESN Tallinn, ESN TTÜ IC, ESN EBS, ESN TU IC).

National Board

ESN Estonia is led by the National Board​ that as a body is also the legal representative of ESN Estonia.

The National Board is elected by the National Platform from the individual members of the Sections of ESN Estonia and consists of 5 people. 
National Board provides support to Local section Boards and informs them about what is happening on National and International level.

National Board


Regina Rähn
National Representative (NR)

Responsible for representing ESN Estonia on the international level, exchanging information
between international, national and local level of ESN and encouraging 
members to take part of national and international events

Triin Roos

Responsible for external representation of ESN Estonia, coordination of the work of National Board and development of ESN in Estonia.


Liina Reimann

Responsible for internal affairs and section care in ESN Estonia. Vice-President is responsible for information flow between sections and National Level.




Communication Manager

Responsible for ESN Estonia’s public relations, media coverage and information channels.



Financial Manager

 Responsible for ESN Estonia’s financial matters, maintaining and making new partnerships, and ESNcard project.       





National Coordinators

National Coordinators’ tasks are to help the National Board members with their work and to better coordinate National Projects/Teams and Events. National Coordinators are appointed by the National Board through open call. They are included in a work of the National Board in order to maintain efficient communication and workflow. 



Ucha Vekua
Projects Coordinator

Responsible for implementation of ESN International Projects.

Kätli Raudmäe
Pirates of the Baltic Sea Coordinator

Responsible for Pirates of the Baltic Sea event
implementation in Estonia.


Kristin Kontro
Partnership Coordinator

Responsible for National Partnerships and National Partnership Team.








IT Coordinator

Responsible for managing IT projects and tools for
ESN Estonia and supporting sections with
IT related topics.


Sandra Uustal
Training Coordinator

Responsible for development of ESN Estonia members and
organising training events for the network.

Vanessa Vorteil
Education Officer

Responsible recognition of ESN in ESN Estonia
and participation in open dialogues about higher education, mobility and youth.

National Council

Individuals, who have been members of the ESN Estonia National Board or a National Coordinator, can belong to the ESN Estonia National Council. 
The National Council consists of two to six members. 

National Council provides evaluation for National Level and is consulting body regarding budget and legal questions for the National Board and Sections.