ESN Tartu is officially a non-governmental organization that works under University of Tartu and also receives main funding from there.  ESN Tartu has around 40 volunteers in the section.

ESN Tartu also cooperates with:

  • Estonian University of Life Sciences,
  • Tartu Art College,
  • Tartu Health Care College,
  • Estonian Aviation Academy
  • European College of University of Tartu.

Throughout the semester, ESN Tartu members organize different cultural events, trips and parties. The semester starts with a Pub Crawl and Welcome Party after the Orientation Week. During the semester, ESN Tartu comes up with a wide variety of events for all kinds of different people, for instance Jam Sessions for musicians, hiking trips for adventurers, football practice and dance classes for those who prefer sport etc. Just in order to have a nice time and meet a lot of new faces, we have an event called Speedfriending that has been a hit for 4 semesters in a row. In addition we also have trips to science institutions and once or twice a month National Evenings are organized and prepared by the exchange students with the aim of introducing some country or region of the world more profoundly.

The students can also take part in the SocialErasmus project, which gives the international students a chance to be involved in social and volunteering activities. This year we have two SocialErasmus weeks, one each semester, filled with different events to raise social
awareness. We also have SocialErasmus events throughout the semester. Since the Erasmus in Schools project, as a part of the SocialErasmus, has been a great success, we have Erasmus in Schools visits on the same week, but also throughout the semester, which allows
foreign students to visit local schools. ESN Tartu tries to integrate exchange students into the everyday life of Tartu as much as possible. ESN Tartu participates in the Student Days’ program and goes to different local students; events among with the international students. Most ESN Tartu events are accessible to local students as well. At the end of each semester, the ESN Tartu Diary is compiled so that all the exchange students can leave a mark and also remember their friends and nice experiences in Tartu.

For that, submit the following form: After that you should be contacted within a couple of days. 
They have meetings once per week.

Check out their webpage and Facebook page.